Garam masala Biryani #333

Homemade mutton Biryani. What can be better occasion than Eid to make this simple and quick mutton Biryani. This juicy and flavourful Biryani is a dream for your lunches and get-togethers. This special Biryani is the recipe of my mom in law which fills the house with aromatic flavours. And it’s loved by all. Happy […]

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Plum lemonade #334

Summer is here and what’s best to beat the heat with this cooling and drooling recipe. It’s a no effort recipe which gets ready quick and finishes quicker. Plums are my favourite in summers but they get to turn bad very soon. So what’s best to turn them into a jam, plum slush, plum sharbet, […]

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Aachari chicken #335

Aachari chicken is a north indian speciality which is spicy ,rich and famous for its aromatic flavours. Aachar is pickle in India. Pungent and strong masala gives another dimension to this dish. This dish is very famous for its spicy and tangy flavour. You can serve this dish with roti, paranthas ,naan and rice too. […]

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Goond katira( tragacanth gum) #336

Gondh katira is being served in my household from several years. It’s a chilled drink for summers which is enjoyed by many members in my family. I never realised it’s benefits till date. But few days back when my elder daughter complained about nose bleeding my mother immediately referred back to this healthy and mysterious […]

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Cinnamon roll #337

Do you love a homemade a cinnamon roll ???? I too love it. But I just love the fragrance of cinnamon in general and how it fills in your house, its amazing. Its a sweet roll served commonly in Northern Europe and North America. Its main ingredients are flour, cinnamon, sugar, and butter. I was […]

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Tahiri pulao#339

A comfort one pot meal is a satisfying meal for anyone. Being from north I am not a rice fan but lazy afternoons sometimes recquire that light meal. What better than a spiced pulao with a fresh corainder raita. Tahiri is a speciality in uttar pradesh cuisine. Its more like a veg Biryani. You can […]

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Baba ganoush #340

A simple middle Eastern dip with smoky eggplant flavour will make day. Its gluten free and vegan recipe is made from very simple ingredients from your kitchen. Ingredients Eggplant -2 Garlic- 2 cloves Tahini – 4 tbsp Lemon juice -2 tbsp Yogurt – 1/2 cup Olive oil – 1/2 cup Salt – 1 tsp Cumin […]

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