Holi special gujiyas # 347

So finally Holi has come and there’s no better way of celebrating it than enjoying gujiyas. Holi is a festival of colours and the festival of love. It welcomes happiness and spring. Gujiyas is a sweet deep fried dumplings made with semolina or refined flour and filled with dry fruits, coconut and Mawa. So here’s […]

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Nawabi paneer #348

As the festivities are around the corner everyone is out busy shopping and preparing for holi celebrations. From hosting parties to balam pichkaris. From beautiful colours to happy faces. Holi is the festival of colours with lot of love and with lot of food. So today I have made this easy and rich nawabi dish […]

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Mondayblues smoothie#349

A fresh start to a fresh week. Monday is actually a tough day for everyone. Pulling yourself from bed, itself looks like a task. After partying on Sunday, monday gives everyone a little headache. So I am giving you this super easy ,fun ,vibrant, light and healthy recipe. You can take it as your breakfast […]

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Chocolate fudge #350

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. – Charles Schulz Chocolate is something that most of us crave for. You can’t argue with the joy of eating a good bite a chocolate. But out of all chocolate recipes this is super easy and quick to make especially when […]

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Coconut Ladoo #351

My challenge of making 365 is getting interesting day by day. I am enjoying this challenge more and more because I love to make different, unique and out of my zone recipes. Coconut ladoos have always been my favourite mithai/ Sweet. But never thought of making it. After searching and trying out so many recipes […]

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Guacamole dip #352

Its Mexicano…… Mama Mia. Guacamole is a very famous Mexican dip generally served with nachos. Its a very healthy, nutritious, dairy free, oil free and a vegan recipe. I had guacamole four years back. It has a very different taste as I was tasting avocados for the first time. It goes miraculously well with nachos. […]

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Chicken dahiwalla #353

So finally and officially I am posting one of my first dishes which I cooked for my newly married groom. When I got married I hardly knew cooking. ( Still hardly) I used to make rajmas but never knew that they were soaked before cooking 😉😉. And on top of that I had no idea […]

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